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Knowledge Engineering

Making sense out of the rushing flood of online information? We are struggling too! The fruits of our struggles include original technology for bookmark management and for syndication feed management, relying heavily on natural-language-based automatic classification.

Dimelab has been involved with web bookmark management since our earliest days. Bookmark management at dimelab uses an exciting natural langauge classification system (for which US Patent 7,747,937 has been issued) in which categories are automatically determined by analysis of the phrasal structure of descriptive text you associate with your bookmarks. This is big advance over ordinary tagging as it provides a taxonomy with species and genus relations amongst categories. Please have a look at an example of our automatic classification applied to a bookmark collection.

Over the last couple of years, we have tackled syndication feeds, of which we are enthusiastic users. Our key insight is that your bookmark catalog provides an excellent representation of your online interests; we use your bookmark catalog as discriminator on your syndication feeds, ranking feed entries according to their match against your bookmark catalog. Our system for ranking feed entries according to their affinity to a bookmark catalog is patent pending. This capability is under active development as a web service and soon be deployed.

Our technology for bookmark management and feed entry ranking is available for licensing.