dimelab dimelab: shrinking the gap between talk and action.

Language Synthesis

Would you like to shrink the gap between talk and action? We can help with tools for language synthesis! Custom languages are the ultimate tool for harnessing computer power. Pure thought-stuff spun into useful action! That's our aspiration. But how?

No single answer, regrettably. Maybe you are working with XML or considering it? Please review our markup metalanguage and object-oriented processing of markup. This material is dedicated to the public domain and there thus is no restriction on its use.

Or do you need a fully-customized language with carefully crafted syntax to meet your domain-specific requirements? Familiar with the old-school Unix tools for compiler-compilers? Our object-oriented parser generator will help you get your custom languages running quickly and cleanly, tucking old-school cruft behind a neat object-oriented interface using your application-specific objects!

Perhaps you are ready for a radical departure from conventional markup-based representation. Declarative dispatch offers a novel approach to integrating computation with representation. An elegant general purpose syntax with powerful yet familiar semantics is combined with an event-oriented back end. Coupled with model-driven development, you may find that your custom languages and associated processors are much closer to realization than you imagined. Face the toughest modeling challenges with confidence! Get from talk to action in record time!